This was written with a MacOS system in mind.

Useful tricks in an editor (visual studio)

Navigate script using the keyboard Bash command Comments
block indent Tab  
block unindent Shift+Tab  
move quickly cursor through lines Apple+arrow  
select text Shift+arrow  
l then Apple+D to jointly select and modify other instances of the selected text  
comment out Apple+/  

Useful tricks in the terminal (bash)

Goal Bash command Comments
Export all file names contaning an expression ls | grep expression > output.txt  
Delete all files with a specific extension find . -name "*.bak" -type f -delete  
Interrupt running process Ctrl+C  
*Clears text until beginning of line * Ctrl+U useful to delete a chuck of commands directly written in the terminal
*Clears text until beginning * Ctrl+L -
Search terminal history Ctrl+R  
Autocomplete command Tab Super useful

When using the remote server of your institution to stock data and run computations and clusters, the luxury to create, read, and edit files by clicking with your mouse on a visual interface is no more. Being comfortable using the terminal is a necessity.

Using the terminal for files Bash command Comments
create an empty file touch myfile  
edit a file vim myfile  
l then I for insertion mode  
l maybe / followed by a word to look for  
l then :wq to quit editing mode + save  
l or :q! to quit editing mode + without saving  
display file content in terminal cat myfile  
l or for better display control less myfile  
l or to specifically display parts head myfile tail myfile  

That last part is useful when a script is running and updates a log file at each iteration, which you’d like to consult without overwriting it as it is being updated!